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Autumn nourishing essential hot pot hot pot leeks timetable?


How long will the hot pot be hot, "The time is short and the dish is not cooked yet. It's too hot to cook for a long time." However, on Aug. 24, a hot-pot cooking schedule appeared on Weibo. Surprise, above marked in detail the time of some dishes under the usual conditions of hot food. "No longer have to judge by experience that the dish is not cooked." Netizens have been forwarding this timetable. Is this "hot pot hot plate timetable" fly? After detailed experiments, the reporter invited some hot pot shop owners and nutrition experts to help judge and eventually compiled a more healthy “hot-pot scalding schedule” for everyone.

Ordinary meat: old meat, three-wire meat, crisp meat, beef and mutton, etc.

These are common meats in life, but the thickness of meat slices is different, and the cooking time is also different. In general, it should be cooked for about 10-15 minutes to be fully cooked.

Fish and shrimp: squid, loach, etc.

The fish live in the water all year round. The body contains parasites or microorganisms. People who eat fish and shrimp are concerned about freshness, diners often put bloody loach, squid, etc. directly into the pot. At this time, they should pay more attention to cooking more. , At least 15 minutes or more.

Internal organs: hair belly, duck intestine, county flower, yellow throat, etc.

Many people like to eat maw, duck intestines, etc., so they are relatively crisp. However, internal organs may contain bacteria, it is recommended that at least 1 to 3 minutes, fully cooked before they can be imported, as the brain flower, blood prosperous, etc., it will cook longer.

Vegetarian dishes: potatoes, green leafy vegetables, bean curd, etc.

Vegetables are divided into two situations. One is green vegetables, such as parsley, spinach, and other common dishes. If you cook for a long time, it will damage its water-soluble vitamins and affect nutrition. For example, tomatoes can be directly eaten raw. However, bean curd and dried bean curd are rich in vegetable protein and are prone to bacterial growth. Therefore, they must be burned for two or three minutes before they are insured.

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